World Shen Long Tai Chi Comes To Brighton, UK

Toni Amato
September 20, 2015

The 12th Annual World Shen Long Day and conference, was held in the UK from 3rd–6th August in 2015.  Participants from all over the world including Taiwan, Malaysia, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Singapore and, of course England attended under the direction of Grandmaster Wu Kuo Chung, already in his eighties. This was the first time the event has been held outside Asia. 

The venue for the event was the University of Sussex in Brighton, which has a dedicated conference facility on campus.  Participants from other countries stayed at the university's prime dormitory which was located across from the conference centre.  Early each morning, Tai Chi sessions were held in the grounds of the university.

On the first day, the opening ceremony included speeches by Grandmaster Wu and Shen Long officials as well as the Mayor of the City of Brighton & Hove, Councillor Lynda Hyde, and Dr. Liu Chih Kung, (劉志攻大使) Ambassador of The Republic of China, Taiwan. They were entertained by Tai Chi performances and a special demonstration by Grandmaster Wu.  

For local Tai Chi students it was a unique opportunity to meet and practice under the tutelage of Grandmaster Wu, and to see with their own eyes what until then had just been told in stories about his prowess. As most had never attended this event before, they were finally able to meet and share ideas with other Shen Long brothers and sisters, and it was also a chance for the public at large to learn about Shen Long Tai Chi. The conference also attracted media coverage by the city’s main newspaper, a local TV station and the BBC.

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