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Get Rooted! A Tai Chi Primer

This course is suitable for people who are still undecided about joining a class or are unable to attend classes but would like to learn some basics about Tai Chi.  Whether you have no idea what Tai Chi is, have seen someone doing it in the park or on TV, or have even practiced some Tai Chi before, this course is sure to help. Get the satisfaction of learning something about Tai Chi without actually going to a live class

Learn Tai Chi Basics. An Art Enjoyed by Millions Worldwide

Here’s what people are saying about the course

Fiona B.

Sydney, Australia

Great Videos and Articles

Thank you so much for offering the online foundational course and for the important guides to approach and prepare for Tai Chi. The videos are so very helpful. The articles were very interesting and very important too.


What’s in the course?

The online course is divided into three modules.

Module 1
Basic Principles of
Tai Chi

This part teaches some of the basic guidelines of Tai Chi and the common Tai Chi hand forms, footwork and stances. These form the foundation for many if not all styles of Tai Chi.

Module 2
Tai Chi Exercises

Special exercises to help prepare practitioners for the practice of Tai Chi. In this part you will learn three important exercises that not only help to warm up and stretch the body but also stimulate the internal energy of the body. 

Module 3
Learning the
Tai Chi Forms

The Tai Chi Forms taught are the Thirty-Seven Forms as taught by Professor Cheng Man Ching. This part of the course explains the differences of his Tai Chi. You will also learn the first forms that are also a Neigong exercise.

Meet Toni Amato

Born and bred in Brighton, England, Toni Amato started to learn martial arts in 1973 beginning with Shotokan Karate and then Shaolin Boxing. For a time he was a member of the Professional Karate Association, which began the promotion of kick boxing as it is known today. In 1981, a year after graduating from Leeds University with a degree in Chinese Studies, he travelled to Hong Kong and then Taiwan.

While in Taiwan he learnt several forms of Chinese martial arts and Taoist Qigong with Master Lian Guang Quan(廉廣全).
Since 1994, he has studied Traditional Taoist Tai Chi Chuan and is a  "closed door" student of  his teacher, Grandmaster Wu Kuo Chung. He is an officially qualified instructor for the International Shen Long Association and is the sole representative in the UK. During his time in Taiwan he also studied Chinese Medicine and became a licensed Chinese Tui Na (massage) practitioner. He is also a fully qualified practitioner of Complementary Medicine with a BSc Honours degree in nutritional medicine and post-graduate diploma in nutrigenomics research.

The More You Learn About Tai Chi, The More You Want To Learn!

If you have never studied Tai Chi before, you may be asking yourself several questions. Is this really for me?  Do I know exactly what Tai Chi is? Will it benefit me? How does it compare with other forms of exercise?

Do you have a health problem or are simply stressed out, yet cannot find a way to help? Are you a devoted martial artist that is wondering how to maintain your ability as you get older? In truth, most people that seek out a Tai Chi class are curious about what it can do for them.

Last but not least, you have to choose an instructor that is knowledgable and qualified.

Tai Chi is a unique art that has developed over hundreds of years but follows a set of well-established concepts and principles. Without these, it is not Tai Chi!

If you are paying to learn Tai Chi, you should be taught Tai Chi! It will benefit your health at any age; it can be learned as a martial art at any age.

Whatever the reason, learning Tai Chi can be life changing.

Be part of a community with a kindred spirit and enjoy sharing your experiences and participating in social events.

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Learn more about Tai Chi with our foundation course Get Rooted! A Tai Chi Primer. For a one-off payment you have access to the course for 30 days with unlimited viewings.

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How long is the course available?

The course will be available for 30 days from the time you purchase. 

Can you repeat the course more than once? 

Yes, you can repeat the course as many times as you wish during the 30 day time limit. You can also choose to select which modules or lesson you wish to repeat and in any order.

Can You continue beyond the 30 day limit? 

If you wish to continue studying the course for more than 30 days, you will have to purchase the course again. However, you should be able to learn the content quite easily within the time limit.

will there be more online tai chi courses available to buy? 

Currently, this is the only online course available for non-students. It is planned to have future online courses to teach all the Tai Chi forms and exercises for those unable to attend live classes.