Tai Chi for Beginners

These classes are suitable for complete beginners and will include a brief introduction to the Shen Long school of Traditional Tai Chi and how it may differ from other schools. Emphasis will be on correct posture, breathing, balance and, most importantly, relaxation. Students will learn basic Tai Chi exercises including the Five Animal Play (五禽戲)and study the Traditional Taoist Tai Chi 37 Forms as handed down by Grandmaster Cheng Man Ching in his final years. The course is divided into two twelve-week terms, each lesson reviewing the previous week’s content and adding step-by-step each following lesson.

Beginners I (Level P1)

Students will learn several Tai Chi exercises and part of the Tai Chi 37 Forms of Grandmaster Cheng Man Ching. This term will include the forms from Preparation to Single Whip.

Eligibility: No previous experience is required for this level but students should be prepared to practice daily on their own even for as little as 10 minutes per day.

Beginners II (Level P2)

These classes are a continuation of Beginners I and will include revision of previously learnt exercises and forms. New exercises will be added and this term will include the forms from Lift Hands to Cross Hands/End Tai Chi.

Eligibility: Completion of Beginners I (Level P1).

Beginners Repeats

Students  can choose to repeat the Beginners class at a discounted rate (optional).

Duration : Each class lasts 1½ hours, once a week for 12 weeks
Venue : Brighton Wellness Centre, Mile Oak
Times :

Tuesday Mornings
10:00 am - 11:30 am

Thursday Evenings
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Tuition Fees :

Regular fee -  £120 per term
Concessions - £110 per term ( includes people aged 60+, both spouses for married couples, or full-time students with valid ID.)
Repeats - £75 per term

Additional fees :

£15 for a Tai Chi shirt. (Optional for Beginners)

Bookings :

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