Tai Chi

Relaxation | Health | Self Defence

" An ancient Chinese system of philosophical principles and physical exercises aimed at prolonging life through natural means including martial arts. "

Grandmaster Wu Kuo Chung

Reasons to Practice Tai Chi

Mental and physical health

Scientifically shown to improve strength, flexibility, balance, endurance and multiple ailments, including  psychological well-being.

Manage stress

Learn to relax both physically and mentally, cope with the stresses of modern life, improve sleep.

For self-defence

Learn a unique form of martial arts suitable for all ages.

For self-enlightenment

Combine body, mind and spirit to cultivate self-awareness and better character and personality.

Our Classes

tai chi for beginners

For complete beginners with a

focus on basic principles and health.

continuing tai chi

Continues with more advanced

forms and exercises.

developing tai chi skills

Advanced level skills.

gentle tai chi

Drop-in daytime class

for the less active.

7:00 pm Wednesday, 7th October, 2020

(cancelled until further notice)

Upcoming Taster Class

  • learn about Tai Chi, its origin, history and benefits
  • try out some Tai Chi exercises
  • enjoy some real Chinese tea 
  • ask questions

10:00am Tuesdays, starts 15th September 2020

7:00pm Thursdays, starts 17th September 2020 

Tai Chi for Beginners
New term

"When I finally discovered Shen Long Tai Chi I realised that even the best of what I’d practised before only looked like the real thing. And that Shen Long didn’t just look like but is the real thing.”

Our Teachers

Fully Qualified and Insured
Members of BCCMA

toni amato

Pictured with his teacher

Grandmaster Wu Kuo Chung.

Trained in Taiwan.

pearl wang

Formal student of

Grandmaster Wu Kuo Chung.