Cheng Man Ching
Collection of photos of Cheng Man Ching
Professor Cheng Man Ching
A young Cheng Man Ching
CMC with other scholars
Master of Tai Chi
Master of Painting
Master of Calligraphy
Master of Poetry
Master of Chinese Medicine
CMC with Taiwan students
Taking a class in Taiwan
Demonstrating Brush Knee
Rooting against a group
Peng Jin
Illustrating the position of the chin
Moments with his student, Ed Young
Crouching stance
Golden Rooster Stands on One Leg
Brush Knee
SIngle Whip
Crouching stance
Cross hands
Beginning Tai Chi
The Fair Lady Hand
With Madam Cheng
Tai Chi sword
Tai Chi sword
July 1972, 歷史博物館
Lecture to US students