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World Shen Long Day 2015

The 12th Annual World Shen Long Day and conference, was held in the UK from 3rd–6th August in 2015.  Participants from all over the world including Taiwan, Malaysia, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Singapore and, of course England attended under the direction of Grandmaster Wu Kuo Chung, already in his eighties. This was the first time the event has been held outside Asia.

The Thirty-Seven Forms

The 37 Forms of Tai Chi have today become synonymous with the Tai Chi of Professor Cheng Man Ching.  Although Professor Cheng never referred to his Tai Chi in this way, but rather a shorter version of the Yang form, it has become a popular title to use. Some still use “Cheng Style Tai Chi”, a name first coined by my teacher Wu Kuo Chung but later copyrighted by others.  Professor Cheng, however, would certainly not have approved of such a name.  


On the 29th June, 2016 at 7pm, Grandmaster Wu Kuo Chung passed away at the age of 84 (85 in Chinese years). His funeral ceremony was held in Taiwan on the 17th July, 2016. It was  attended by family members, Tai Chi students from around the world, and a host of political and business dignitaries. To mark the event, students from the Taiwan Shen Long Tai Chi Association gave a demonstration of Tai Chi as a final farewell to their distinguished and devoted teacher.

Discovery of San Qing Guan

Much mystery has surrounded the origin of the Zuo style of Tai Chi that was treasured by Professor Cheng Man Ching but little shared with his disciples. Master Wu Kuo Chung was passed down some of the secrets of this art by Professor Cheng in the final months of his life. His premature death, totally unexpected at the time, meant that he was probably unable to impart all his knowledge of the Zuo style.

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