Learn Tai Chi to change your life

"I have been studying Tai Chi with the Shen Long for just over a year and can highly recommend the association. The instructors are dedicated and generous teachers who make huge efforts to tailor their instruction to the needs of each individual student. Their approach feels true to the core principles and philosophy behind this ancient martial art while still being relaxing, accessible and enjoyable. I took up Tai Chi to improve my posture, reduce stress and get more regular exercise; studying with Shen Long has done all those things and much more in terms of improving health and general well-being. Try learning Tai Chi with Shen Long and see how it can change your life."

 MH (Lewes)


Tai Chi as a martial art and for health

Making a difference to my wellbeing

Tai Chi helping me in life

Refreshed by Tai Chi

What is special is the emotional Benefit

A haven of peace and Tranquility 

Tai Chi has helped me to Relax and find focus

Tai Chi : the real thing

Teaching is intensive

Even basic things help

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